The thing about a funnel is that there has to be a balance between the amount and speed that you pour the substance and the size of the opening.  The second you pour too much, too fast, is the

moment that everything starts to back up and you have a real mess on your hands. And the way things are flowing in the court houses of Marshall, Texarkana, and Tyler it looks like they have a real

mess on their hands.  What started out as a reputation of being a “rocket docket” court district has now become a vertical funnel of backed up patent infringement cases. Because of their “no bull”

courtroom rules and favorable decisions for plaintiffs the eastern court district of Texas began to see a greater amount of patent infringement cases being brought to their humble court houses. But

then the unbalance came. And that unbalance was brought on by the patent trolls. Throughout the United States this past decade patent trolls have been responsible for an overabundance of

unnecessary patent infringements cases taking place in our courthouses, especially those court districts that show favorable towards their objective. Going beyond the normal patent litigation case,

patent trolls literally exist to create lawsuits through which they make their income. The more cases they can get into the more money they can make. So as places like East Texas have created the

right environment for these patent trolls to take advantage of, an overflow has resulted.  Pouring in at an amount and frequency beyond the capacity of the court house, East Texas has seen that

“funnel” affect take place and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.


Pregnancy Hormone ShotInjecting the hormones HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), Oxyntomodulin, or Symlin for weight loss can be, both literally and figuratively, a real “shot to the gut”. With each hormone having it’s variances in origin all three are essentially used the same in weight loss: inject it into your body and it will reduce your appetite to eat.

The first attempts at injecting hormones for weight loss started as far back as the 1950’s when the pregnancy induced hormone, HCG, was thought to burn abnormal fat as well as help suppress hunger once injected into the body. Oxyntomodulin is a little bit more interesting as it is a hormone released by the small intestine into the bloodstream to let the brain know that you are eating.

The theory is that, when injected 15-30 minutes before a meal, you are tricking your body into thinking you have already eaten. Symlin is a synthetic drug that copy cats the insulin regulating hormone Amylin.

Primarily used to help diabetics, some theorize that the man-made hormone can help non-diabetics with weight loss by, once again, making individuals feel fuller and less likely to binge. Among the loopholes in this method of weight loss is that each use of the hormones is accompanied with a regimented low-calorie diet.

So, if you are exploring hormone injections for weight loss in Tyler Texas, I suggest you save yourself the cost of the injections and the hassle of pricking yourself with needles in the gut and just institute a 500 calorie per day diet along with plenty of exercise.

Also the rumor has it that the HCG hormone clinic B-Ki has closed shop in Tyler leaving rent payment due and is being investigated by the Texas Attorney General.


Wi LAN a Company based in Ottawa is Pursuing Patent Litigation in East Texas

November 16, 2010

Wi-LAN sued 22 companies back in 2007 related to different wireless related patents and among these companies were Apple Inc., Dell Inc., Intel Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., and Texas Instruments Inc. Some companies settled with Wi-LAN while others plan to take these lawsuits all the way to court. Although plaintiffs usually prefer to settle these patent lawsuits […]

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Tyler, Texas Commercial Properties

November 7, 2010

If you currently rent or own your own home in the Tyler, Texas area, you may be wondering if now is the time to look into Tyler, Texas commercial properties.  Owning your own business can be liberating and exciting, but business-ownership does not come without risks. Tyler Texas Commercial Real Estate Agents As you look […]

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Tyler Commercial Real Estate

November 2, 2010

Unless you have been living under a rock in the last few years, you know what sort of shape the country has been in economically. The over 250,000 residents of Tyler, Texas are aware of the statistics, but they also seem to be enjoying some prosperity among the depression-like conditions elsewhere. While the lovely “Rose […]

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