Braums Icecream in Tyler Texas

by admin on August 3, 2010

I do not think that Tyler can have enough ice cream stores. Braum’s Ice cream stores differ from other stores since they own their own dairy farms around the country.

Even though there are over 280 stores and one of the biggest dairy farms in the country, they are still family owned and run. Braum’s is kind of at three in one store they sell dairy products such as milk, and yogurt, they have a bar with many different ice cream products, and ice cream treats, and lastly they sell fast food such as hot dogs and burgers.

The first Braum’s was opened in the late 1960’s by a man named Bill Braum who grew up working on his dad’s farm. To this day Braum’s is the only major ice cream company that milks their own cow. By having their own farm and factory they cut out the middle man.

 I am not one of the frequent costumers at this particular restaurant chain. If I want ice cream from here in Tyler I much rather prefer Marble Slab or Andy’s. Their prices are definitely better then both Marble Slab and Andy’s and are more comparable to Dairy Queen. I (despising dairy Queen) definitely think that Braum’s is most worth you money.

Braum’s serves breakfast, and lunch/dinner options. Although their food is cheap and they have a rather large menu, I really do not like the food served their. I do not think many people go to Braum’s so that they could grab a bite to eat. There are so many better options in Tyler to grab something to eat at comparable prices.

I am really curious to know, since they have so many cows of their own on the Braum’s farm, if the burger that I ate was that on cow that was “milked out”.

I do think that Braum’s is the best place to get ice cream at a cheap price, but their food definitely fell short when it came to my own personal expectation, even for a fast food service.

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