Heaton Eye Associate

by admin on August 4, 2010

Heaton eye Associate is known for their customer service and dedication to changing the vision of east Texas. Heaton has been serving Eats Texas for the past 25 years; they offer the newest and best technology in this area. They were the first to offer LASIK surgery in East Texas.

LASIK is a laser surgery that allows doctors to lift a surface of tissue and reshape the surface of your cornea. They do this by removing tissue with their very accurate laser. They doctor will then lays the flap back where it goes and allows a couple minutes for the surgery to heal before you can blink. Many people eye sight is really blurry right after surgery but it does not take long for people to notice a great improvement in their vision. The whole procedure only takes 20 minutes. Many people have done this surgery and not only were they impressed with the extreme difference in their eye site but they were also impressed with the care of the staff and doctors.

Heaton have many payment plans that help you afford the vision that you need. They have 6-24 month plans with no interest (if you keep up with your payments), and they have 36-60 month payment plans for procedures that are more than $1000, this plan has a 14.90% interest rate.

The surgeons want all of their patients to be very knowledgeable about what is wrong with their condition. They offer many different articles and links on their website so that patients to understand what is wrong with their eyes, and are able to talk to the doctors about their concerns.

Heaton has been reviewed by many different customers and television stations. All have been impressed by the staff and doctors of Heaton Eye Associates. They have got many different many different awards and they are known for having the best eye care in East Texas.

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