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by admin on September 16, 2010

When searching for a patent law attorney it may be helpful to know that many are found in the East Texas area.

The reason you will find intellectual property rights and patent law attorneys in Tyler TX is because our juries award large sums of money to those suing for patent infringement.

The way court systems work is in order to sue in the Tyler/Longview area the company must have a physical office here.

Many companies that sue for this type of thing go by the name “patent trolls” and will setup a shell office in Tyler or Longview in order to start their lawsuit in Tyler.

Again the reason they choose to sue in Tyler Texas has to do with the high likely hood of a jury monetary award that many times exceeds 10 million dollars.

Our East Texas juries may not be aware that this is nothing more than a scheme.

The way a patent troll company operates is to find old patents that already have been infringed on and buy them from their owners.

These patent trolls will than do market research to find large companies that gave infringed on the patent.

They will sue one or more companies in search of income through litigation that many times exceeds several million dollars.

Our Tyler Texas and Longview citizens awards this money to these patent trolls through our jury system. Because the patent troll company setup a shell office in Tyler they are allowed to sue from our town.

This whole intellectual property rights income opportunity is fascinating as well as how gullible our city is at falling for this trick and awarding these scams this type of money.

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