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by admin on October 7, 2010

Patent law is a highly specialized area of the law and a good patent lawyer can make the difference between protecting and losing ownership of your invention.  Patent lawyers can help inventors research their invention, guide them through the patent application process and create a patent that will protect that invention. However, knowing how to do that the right way doesn’t mean just graduating from law school.

Graduating from law school and passing the bar exam do not guarantee that a person knows how to write a patent application. A good patent lawyer must have good technical insight. However, not every patent lawyer who is an engineer or scientist is able to write, teach, explain and clarify. Learning how to write a patent application takes years of working as an apprentice with an experienced patent attorney. In fact, most lawyers do not understand patent law at all.

When a patent application is poorly written, it may be worthless and could possibly even harm the owner because it can create an illusion of protection.  A patent owner might even make a mistake in judgement when making business decisions as a result of thinking that there is legal protection when in fact there is not. A good patent lawyer can help prevent such mistakes.

Writing a good patent application requires legal knowledge, technical knowledge, and also the ability to explain it all in a clear, concise manner. The patent application must also be able to withstand attacks from other patent lawyers around the country if the patent comes under fire in a court of law.

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