Wi LAN a Company based in Ottawa is Pursuing Patent Litigation in East Texas

by admin on November 16, 2010

Wi-LANWi-LAN sued 22 companies back in 2007 related to different wireless related patents and among these companies were Apple Inc., Dell Inc., Intel Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., and Texas Instruments Inc. Some companies settled with Wi-LAN while others plan to take these lawsuits all the way to court.

Although plaintiffs usually prefer to settle these patent lawsuits out of court they can sometimes make a substantial amount more if they have a jury trial in East Texas.

On Wi-LAN’s website they state their purpose for their company as, “Developing, protecting, and monetizing technology intellectual property.  Introducing inventions with mass appeal to the world.  Harnessing the value of innovation. And doing it all through specialized expertise.”

Attorneys in Tyler Texas

Wi-LAN websitehttp://www.wi-lan.com

United States Eastern District Court website – http://www.txed.uscourts.gov/Judges/Ward/Ward.htm

I do not know the background on Wi-LAN but many times patent infringement cases are many times done by companies that buy up patents on the cheap from other companies and then suing large corporations that have infringed on these patents.

Wi-LAN may not be doing this but they do seem to have a theme of making revenue primarily through patent litigation which is a major driver in their stock price going up.

The Eastern District court of the United States with Judge T John Ward recently (Nov 4 2010)  issued an order denying Intel andBroadcom’s motion to strike certain infringement contentions.

One source claims that patent holders win 88% of the time in Ward’s court, compared to an average of 68% nationwide. Another source claims that patent cases in Marshall are won by patent holders 78% of the time versus 59% nationwide. And a third source claims that in 90% of cases patent holders win jury verdicts.

If history is any indicator Wi-LAN based in Ottawa Canada will be winning this lawsuit and it will likely result in hundreds of millions of dollars being awarded.

Apple and Microsoft both lost similar patent infringement cases from other plaintiffs and were told to pay up a few hundred million dollars.

So why are these patent infringement plaintiffs choosing to sue in our East Texas court?

Some say it is because this court often sides with the plaintiff rather than the defendant. What’s weird about these cases in the lawsuits many times seem to be the only way the plaintiffs bring in revenue for their companies.

If the company suing originally created and owned the patent it would make a little more sense but when companies go around buying up old patents just to find larger companies to sue that might have infringed them it seems wrong to me.

Legally it may not be wrong but something just doesn’t add up right in my head when I read these court cases.

Now some believe the plaintiffs convince judges to move the cases here because East Texas hillbillies don’t understand matters of this technical in nature but that sounds a little far fetched.

Others say that the United States District Court (Eastern District of Texas) is corrupt and purposefully has something to gain by supporting the patent infringement attorney racket.

I cannot say as to what is really going on here but these are the accusations floating around about this type of stuff. It definitely makes for some interesting corporate litigation drama and history right here in Tyler and East Texas.

Judge T John Ward’s court is located at 100 East Houston Street Marshall, Texas 75670 and their phone number is (903) 935-3868

Wi-LAN Head Office

11 Holland Avenue
Suite 608
Ottawa, ON
K1Y 4S1
Tel: 613.688.4900
Fax: 613.688.4894

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