HCG Hormone for Weight Loss Should I Be Taking This?

by admin on November 24, 2010

Pregnancy Hormone ShotInjecting the hormones HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), Oxyntomodulin, or Symlin for weight loss can be, both literally and figuratively, a real “shot to the gut”. With each hormone having it’s variances in origin all three are essentially used the same in weight loss: inject it into your body and it will reduce your appetite to eat.

The first attempts at injecting hormones for weight loss started as far back as the 1950’s when the pregnancy induced hormone, HCG, was thought to burn abnormal fat as well as help suppress hunger once injected into the body. Oxyntomodulin is a little bit more interesting as it is a hormone released by the small intestine into the bloodstream to let the brain know that you are eating.

The theory is that, when injected 15-30 minutes before a meal, you are tricking your body into thinking you have already eaten. Symlin is a synthetic drug that copy cats the insulin regulating hormone Amylin.

Primarily used to help diabetics, some theorize that the man-made hormone can help non-diabetics with weight loss by, once again, making individuals feel fuller and less likely to binge. Among the loopholes in this method of weight loss is that each use of the hormones is accompanied with a regimented low-calorie diet.

So, if you are exploring hormone injections for weight loss in Tyler Texas, I suggest you save yourself the cost of the injections and the hassle of pricking yourself with needles in the gut and just institute a 500 calorie per day diet along with plenty of exercise.

Also the rumor has it that the HCG hormone clinic B-Ki has closed shop in Tyler leaving rent payment due and is being investigated by the Texas Attorney General.

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