Glenn Beck Rallying East Texas

by admin on April 28, 2010

Many in Tyler and East Texas listen to Am 600 talk radio as that is where you will find Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, two of the most popular conservative radio talk show hosts. These guys are not just popular conservative talk show hosts but they are a couple of the most listened to talk show hosts on the radio.

Glenn Beck has really helped start up the whole Tea Party movement and many who live in the popular universe of the world have attempted to make the Tea Party movement to be nothing but a racist get together. The problem is that the Tea Party movement has much more to do with the Constitution and protecting freedom and liberty and nothing at all to do with race.

Sure there is the immigration and border issue but this can’t be considered racist. The fact of the matter is tax payers shouldn’t have to pay for health care and education for those illegally in America. This is a sovereignty issue and as a matter of law something must be done about it. The democrats are using the immigrants who come here as an additional voting class to pull more power this way. This creates an illegal class of Americans voting for the corrupt politicians who will do anything even if that means weakening our sovereignty by bringing in illegals into the country.

It is a completely different situation if the Mexicans crossing the Arizona and Texas borders get here legally and become citizens. We know that this is a sensitive issue as we have family friends who have friends and family here illegally from Mexico. We understand the sensitive nature of the whole immigration issue and it is not an easy one to decide but even these families understand that law is law. Something reasonable must be figured out and enforcement of law must start at some time.

The fact of the matter is that illegal immigration does erode the ability for Americans to pay with their tax money things that effect them. By giving a percentage of our money to an illegal voting class we are creating a country run by other nations.

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