Christian Heritage School in Tyler Texas a Private School

by admin on July 2, 2010

A Student’s View

It is a sad fact that most high school students do not know what the congress is, or who first said “give me liberty or give me death”, and a lot of teenagers never even heard that quote before. Growing up at a small school, like Christian Heritage School, I never really understood the importance of some of the teachings.

It was until I was an adult, an employee, a wife, and now a mother, that I started to realize that this school was not just preparing me for college or a carrier, but life. You can not go a day in this school with out hearing about self-government.

After thirteen years sitting under the teachers I got pretty tired of hearing about it. But as I watch my children grow up I constantly hear myself telling them that they are responsible for their own actions.

Maybe if more people practiced self-government our country would not be fighting tooth and nail over silly things, like money.

Government is so important in this school. But even more so, is the Word of God. Every subject, math, literature, history, science are all taught from the understanding we are given through truths of the Bible.

At times I got frustrated with the piles of homework. Well, actually, about every night I was frustrated. It took a lot to go through this school. I guess the constant work was a test of our self-government; in that case, I failed badly. C.H.S. focused on the importance of structure. Assignments, tests, notes, were to be kept orderly in a notebook.

Christian Heritage’s theme is “Disciplining the Nations through education”. The teachers wanted more from you than a passing grade, or your homework in on time. It took a really long time for me to appreciate this. I wanted my teachers not to know every detail of my life, but when your dad works at the school, that is pretty impossible.

The teachers here are not getting paid. All staff is missionaries, living on the base. They genuinely love the students. They are not there for themselves, but rather there for the future leaders of the next generation. Every teacher has to go through three Bible schools. First they go through a school called Discipleship Training School, a six month school of teaching and mission trips. Secondly they go to School Of Evangelism, also a six month school.

Than finally they attend Teachers for the Nations. TFN is a year long school of intensive teacher training. They learn the teachings of government, starting with the individual. They learn to teach phonics and “reading road to writing”.

Christian Heritage may not have all the equipment, were at times can be extremely frustrating. I really wish that they have the nice lab for science classes, or the fancy playground equipment, but that’s where they need help and they are slowly raising funds to transform the school.

Last year they made really great improvements by repaving the parking lot, and fixing a lot of sewer problems, and remodeling some of the bathrooms.

The school buildings are well known around east Texas. If you tell anyone that has been living in this area they would know where the “old Dixie school” is. Christian Heritage still has classes in those old brick buildings.

Christian Heritage School may not be completely advanced in the old fashion ways of teaching, but they understand the importance of the teacher and student relationship. Every year every grade from kindergarten to 12th grade takes a week off to give back to the community.

During this week the student body goes to nursing homes, and hospitals encouraging the patients there. They also clean trash off the side of the road, to keep the community clean. They also help out at daycares around Tyler, and help serve at Meals on Wheels, Salvation Army and many other places.

Many High school students give up their spring break to go on a mission trip to many different places around Mexico. They leave their families for one week to teach people about the love to the Lord through teaching and volunteering. CHS gives an opportunity for teenagers to see that there is more to this world than the comfortable life of east Texas.

Christian Heritage may have a different way of doing things, but they teach love to their students through very class, relationship, sport program, and all outreaches through the community.

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