The Villages Water Park and Swimming Pool

by admin on July 6, 2010

Tyler has a great place to relax and have fun with the whole family. The Villages resort is much more than a hotel on the lake. It has a great swimming pool, putt-putt golf course, tennis courts, pool halls and much more. Your whole family will have a great time making new memories.

In the past couple years the Villages has opened an indoor water park. This is a great place to get away from your everyday life. Here you can enjoy the summer fun all year around. Your family will not forget the fun of the long water slides, relaxing river, and the exciting whirlpool. There are new locker rooms and changing areas. Also you can stay all day and enjoy the food that is sold in the park such as Pizza Hut. But if you have more of an appetite there is a grill just out side of the park.

Right by the water park is a pool hall and barbeque. You can get a refreshing drink, meal, or snack. You also can also go to the counter and get a fun game that you can rest inside and play a board game with your family. But on a great day it is great to go out and play tennis and putt-putt with your family and friends. The putt-putt course may be a little used and worn down, but it still is nice and you are able to play on it. It is such a great way to enjoy your day.

Growing up my parents were members of the villages. Some of my best memories growing up were going out to the pool and meeting new friends. Back then the pool was a lot more dangerous because the deep and shallow ends of the pool were only separated by a rope. Now they have put in a wall so that children don’t accidentally step out into the deep end. Now the shallow end is more exciting because they enlarged it and put in a small water play area in the middle of pool.

If you need to get away, you should stay a couple nights at the Villages’ hotel and spend the day out on the lake. You can bring out your boat and enjoy the beautiful lakes of East Texas. So if you are looking for somewhere to new to be your get away during the summer, I recommend to become a member of the Villages and let your family make memories that will last for years.

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